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We provide behavior consultation services designed to meet the needs of individuals experiencing challenging behavior. These services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual based on interviews, observations, and data collection. Based on information gathered a comprehensive person-centered plan is then created.

Functional behavior assessment
Behavior intervention/support plans
In-home support strategies
BCBA consultation and assessment
Ongoing monitoring and support

Functional behavior assessment is conducted to determine/hypothesize the function of the individual’s challenging behavior. The function is essentially what the person is getting through engagement in the behavior. Following determination of a function of the behavior a plan can be developed to ensure that the person’s needs are met and a replacement behavior can be taught.

Behavior intervention/support plans are created to provide the individual and caregivers strategies to support the individual with behavior reduction. These strategies include both antecedent and consequence based strategies for both the challenging behavior and the new replacement behavior.

In-home support strategies are designed to assist caregivers with supporting the individual during their behavior change. These strategies may be aimed at helping parents, caregivers, siblings, and significant others during implementation of the behavior intervention plan. These strategies may also focus on environmental modifications to help reduce engagement in challenging behavior.

Consultation by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst may be needed to help people achieve success across a variety of settings and situations. Give us a call to discuss your specific situation and needs and we can let you know if our services can help you.

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