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Legislative Action

Advanced Behavioral Pathways, LLC is deeply committed to improving access to services and quality of treatment through legislative action. We develop relationships with local legislators to provide education regarding developmental disabilities and encourage them to enact policy decisions to strengthen the systems that provide these services (DDS, private health plans, and medi-cal). In addition, we provide education and information to parents to assist them in advocating for their children through legislative action and learning to successfully navigate the service delivery systems.

Consultation and Education for Providers

Advanced Behavioral Pathways specializes in public policy as it relates to applied behavior analysis services and funding for developmental services in California. We can provide consultation and staff education regarding pertinent legislative topics including working with regional centers, navigating the department of developmental services, title 17, Lanterman Act, and much more. Call for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Bill Track Updated 2015


California Legislative Committees

Advanced Behavioral Pathways follows the work of these legislative committees:
Senate Budget Subcommittee #3 Senator Holly Mitchell, Chair
Senate Human Services Senator Mike McGuire, Chair
Assembly Budget Subcommittee #1 Assembly Member Tony Thurmond, Chair
Assembly Human Services Assembly Member Kansen Chu, Chair
Advanced Behavioral Pathways also supports the work and mission of the Lanterman Coalition. To learn more or sign their petition to stop the collapse of the developmental services system click here.

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